Comprehensive diving guide with integrated logbook

Located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh is on of the world's most popular diving destination, offering fast drift dives, colourful coral reefs, wrecks and rich marine life.  This logbook-integrated diving guide is designed to fit into a standard 3-hole dive log binder and be the perfect companion for anyone planning to dive this region.  In addition to providing space to fill in your experiences after the dive, it contains details of all of the key sites of the region. The information is packed with details of each site, including diving notes, site background, overview, marine life, unique full colour 3D site drawing, location, routes and points of interest.  The lightweight format and detailed information makes it ideal for all holiday divers planning to dive in this area.

Features of this pack:
  • Includes information on the top 16 dive sites of Sharm el Sheikh
  • Detailed site-by-site information
  • Unique 3D map included of each and every site
  • Written by local experts based on years of research
  • Integrates with your logbook to record each dive
  • Fits into your standard logbook binder  
  • Stunning wildlife photography and information
  • Special offers from diving organizations
  • Regional map showing location of each dive site

Dive sites included in the Sharm el Sheikh pack:

  • Amphoras
  • Dunraven (wreck) 
  • Gordon Reef
  • Jackfish Alley
  • Jackson Reef 
  • Paradise
  • Ras Ghamila
  • Ras Ghazlani
  • Ras Nasrani
  • Ras Umm Sid
  • Shark Observatory
  • Shark Reef & Jolanda
  • SS Thistlegorm (wreck)
  • The Temple
  • Thomas Reef
  • Woodhouse Reef
What this means for you:


  • Enjoy your diving more - know what to look for, where
  • Discover the best sites to dive
  • Faster, easier and more fun dive log recording
  • Own a truly personalised dive guide that you will keep referring back to time and again

Rik VercoeMeet the Author:            Rik Vercoe



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Sharm el Sheikh
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Sharm el Sheikh
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