Comprehensive diving guide with integrated logbook

Features of this pack:

  • Includes information on the top 13 wreck & 3 reef sites in the area
  • Detailed site-by-site information
  • Includes detailed history, location, background to each wreck site
  • Written by experts, based on years of research
  • Includes specific diving notes to each wreck 
  • Fits into your standard logbook binder Nautical Archaeology Society
  • Integrates with your logbook to record each dive  
  • Unique 3D map included of each and every site
  • Regional map showing location of each dive site


Dive sites included in the Red Sea Wrecks guide:

  • Carina Brick (wreck)
  • Dunraven (wreck)
  • El Mina (wreck)
  • Gubal Barge (wreck) 
  • Kimon M (wreck)
  • Kingston (wreck)
  • Rosalie Moller (wreck)
  • Carnatic (wreck)
  • Giannis D (wreck)
  • Chrisula K (wreck)
  • Ulysses (wreck)
  • Excalibur (wreck)
  • SS Thistlegorm
  • Abu Nuhâs reef    (bonus)
  • Woodvalley Reef  (bonus)
  • Yellowfish Reef    (bonus)

What this means for you:

  • Dive with a purpose - know the background and history of the wrecks
  • Own the first diving guide ever recommended by the NAS 
  • Identify all the major wrecks of the area
  • Keep a memorable record of your diving
  • Own a truly personalised dive guide you can refer back to time and time again

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Northern Red Sea Wrecks
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Northern Red Sea Wrecks
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Northern Red Sea Wrecks
Sample dive-guide page a. User friendly format.
Northern Red Sea Wrecks
Sample dive-guide page b. Detailed site information.