Overview of Travelling Diver

Travelling Diver is the UK based publisher of the popular ‘diving guides that fit in your logbook’.  These highly acclaimed guides are designed for the recreational holiday diver, combining the key information required to make the most of any dive trip, with a unique integrated logbook format that fits into a standard 3-hole dive log binder.  Each lightweight guide is packed with information allowing divers to discover the best sites and record their experiences in a faster, easier and more useful way.  They are also great fun.  Currently the UK’s fastest growing range of diving guides, they are rapidly becoming the guides of choice for many holiday divers.

How did Travelling Diver begin?

Travelling Diver grew out of a frustration felt by the CEO and creative thinker, Daniel Ronen, who, as a diver, felt a lack of reliable information pertaining to dive-sites and areas found in diving guides.  With most logbooks relegated to a few scribbled down words which did little to help remember each dive later on, and the increasing focus on airline weight restrictions, he realised that something better, and very affordable, was needed.

Travelling Diver Today

Today Travelling Diver is a flourishing organization that consists of a carefully selected and dedicated team of specialists, working in different parts of the world, yet headquartered in London. This team shares a vision of combining their specialties to bring divers the highest product standards and top-quality information. Travelling Diver has partnered with key companies in the diving industry and actively supports measures to preserve the marine environment and to ensure safe diving practices for divers around the world.


Vision for the future

Travelling Diver sees itself as one day becoming a standard diving accessory, where divers the world over will pick up a pack for each and every diving holiday, as a matter of necessity. Before long, divers will be able to purchase a Travelling Diver pack for wherever they want to dive in the world and in any of the main languages, so that everyone can benefit from these combined dive guides.

The principal aim of Travelling Diver, today and into the future is to be thought of as a trusted guide, while always supplying the diver with only the highest standards of product and top-quality information. Supporting the environment, as well as good, safe diving practices is another factor felt strongly by our organization, with plans to educate divers upon the importance of living in harmony with marine life, through our imminent marine packs.

Behind the Scenes

 The Boss ! Daniel Ronen  -  Publisher & Editor in Chief

The boss. Frustrated by years of hit-and-miss information and creative stories from dive guides, boat captains and books, he conceptualised Travelling Diver to make dive planning and record keeping more fun, quicker, easier, accurate and memorable. With the team he has built, this has become a reality.

From meeting with distributors, authors and printers to overseeing staff, ensuring accuracy and running the company – without him, Travelling Diver would not exist! Based in London, he continues to dive internationally whenever time permits.
  Rohan Andrews – Distribution and Development

Rohan is a highly expeienced dive-industry expert, having worked for many years in the diving holiday industry both in the UK and Egyptian Red Sea.  Rohan is heading our efforts to develop distribution networks, as well as other development projects.
Greg Nuttall – web developer

An accomplished internet designer, our resident computer guru, Greg, developed the website into a user-friendly system and maintains it for accuracy, reliability and security.
  Karen Ferson – proof reader / quality control

Never forgetting to remind the rest of us as to just how long proof reading takes, Karen’s excellent lingual skills help make sure we only publish to the highest quality.


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